DOBOT Magician Lite Robotic Arm
DOBOT Magician Lite Robotic Arm
DOBOT Magician Lite Robotic Arm
DOBOT Magician Lite Robotic Arm
DOBOT Magician Lite Robotic Arm

DOBOT Magician Lite Robotic Arm

$899.00 USD
Outsmart the robots in the future
The Perfect K12 Platform for Students, Teachers and Educators

Multiple End Tools

Safe and Easy to Use

Bluetooth Connection

Graphic Programming

Multiple Expansion Interface

AI and STEAM Powered Education Solution

DOBOT Magician Lite, a multi-functional lightweight intelligent robotic arm, is one of the core products in DOBOT’s K12 customized artificial intelligence education ecosystem. Magician Lite enjoys numerous software and hardware interaction methods and expansion interfaces in order to maximize students’ freedom to create. Through building and playing, students can learn how artificial intelligence and mechanics work. They will be also introduced to a world of rudimentary knowledge of robotics and how they can be used in real world. Additionally, the DOBOT hosts robotics competitions to stoke students’ interest in robotics and get more of them to be involved. At the competition, students work together as a team to address challenging tasks by designing, creating and programming their own robots. This means that these students not only can put what they have learned to rigid test, but also get to celebrate their unique talents and achievements. DOBOT robotics competitions strive to provide fertile ground for budding problem-solvers to grow and prosper.

Plug &Play  End Tools

Suction Cup

Built-in air pump drive works under negative pressure, with suction cup diameter of 20mm.

Pen Holder

Flexible pen point for smooth writing.
Pen Diameter: 8-12 mm

Flexible Gripper

Built-in air pump drive works under positive and negative pressure, with maximum opening and closing distance of 50mm

Excellent Performance & Safe to Use

Magician Lite is compact and only weighs 2.4kg, making it portable and easy to build an application scenario. Its repeatability positioning is 0.2mm, payload 0.25kg, and radius range 340mm. It supports a soft gripper, suction cup, pen grasper and other changeable end tools. The robot has collision detection function, making it safe for children to be around.

±0.2mm Repeated Positioning Accuracy

Turn Creativity into Reality 

0.25kg Payload

Easily meet teaching Needs

340mm arm length
Fit for school desks

 Only 2.4kg

Compact and Lightweight

Portable and Flexible

Easy to Deploy

Built-in Air Pump

      Tidier classroom
      No Tangled Cables

      No Extra Pump Box

Magic Box

The external controller separates motion control algorithm and user tasks to allow more convenience for programming and creating.

Stand-alone Mode

Online Mode

Camera & Microphone

AI smart camera


Flexible Angling

Special Functions

Collision Detection

Strengthened Safety,making it safe for children to be around.

Handheld Teach & Play

Easy to get started, intuitive and interactive

One-Stop Learning Platform


AI-powered Graphical Programming Platform


DobotScratch supports Scratch transfer to Python

DobotScratch AI Functions

Voice Recognition

Image Recognition

Facial Recognition

OCR Text Recognition

AI Application Cases

AI Waiter

Distribute Gift

Smart Warehouse

Garbage Classification


Intelligent Logistics

1. Magic box
2. Mobile platform
3. Smart car
4. More

Environmental Protection Contest

1. Magic box
2. Joystick
3. More