MOOZ grants a limited warranty on the major modules of the MOOZ 3-in-1 3D Printer series product (“Product”) purchased from MOOZ or a Distributor authorized by MOOZ according to the terms and conditions stated below:

The warranty starts from the date of delivery to an end-customer for the first time, as evidenced by the original customer’s purchase order number. Only the original purchaser is entitled to claim warranty.

This warranty only applies to the following parts. The warranty periods for these warranted parts are listed as below:

Warranty PartsWarranty TimeNote
Controller365 Days
Heated Bed180 DaysHot-Bed Patches Not Included 
3D Printing Module (Nozzle excluded)180 Days
500mW Laser Engraving Module90 DaysNon-Continuous Use
1600mW Laser Engraving Module90 DaysNon-Continuous Use
CNC Carving Module180 DaysDrilling & Milling Tools Not Included 
Linear Module365 Days
Touch Screen365 Days
Power Adapter365 Days
Power Adapter/Power Cable/USB Cable365 Days
EnclosureGift, Not Covered by Warranty

Note:Parts that are replaced under the Warranty also fall under its original warranty duration and do not restart. Returning the MOOZ 3D Printer (the whole machine instead of the warranted parts) is not acceptable once the product is shipped. We can’t offer you a refund or exchange as a result.


This warranty does not apply to and therefore not cover:

1. any other parts except the Warranted Parts;

2. any defect or damage caused by failure to follow instructions in the online Manuals, including but not limited      to inappropriate, incorrect or improper use, installation, maintenance, operation and cleaning;

3. any defect or damage caused by an accident, including but not limited to natural calamities such as fire              hazard, and human causes such as falling off, collision and soaking in water;

4. any defect or damage caused by the use of third party materials, accessories or software, etc.;

5. normal wear and tear.

Actions that will void this Warranty

The following actions will void this warranty:
1.  any modification made to any hardware or firmware of the Product;
2. abuse, misuse or improper storage of the Product;
3. use the Product for any illegal purposes;
4. serviced by distributors other than MOOZ or an authorized MOOZ distributor;
5. use non-supported, unapproved or improper filament or materials with the Product;
6. disassemble or repair without authorization by MOOZ or the Distributor.

Purchased from DOBOT MOOZ

If the Product was originally purchased from DOBOT MOOZ, follow the below procedure to claim warranty:

Please submit the warranty request together with the official purchase invoice through the Apply for A Request button below for inspection during each warranty claim. Send an email to  in the meantime.
The claim will be confirmed in 7 business days.

If the claim is justified, MOOZ will rectify the defects free of charge according to this warranty. If the defect cannot be repaired, MOOZ will, within the warranty period, replace the Warranted Part free of charge by an identical part, or, if the Warranted Part is no longer manufactured, by a similar replacement of the same value or offer an appropriate refund.

The warranty does not include shipping costs and taxes incurred for shipping defective Warranted Parts for scrutiny and/or repair, nor for shipping costs and taxes of replacement or repaired Warranted Parts back to claimant.


Warranty PartsWarranty TimeNote
AirPump180 Days
Suction Cup Kit180 Days
Gripper Kit365 Days
Pen Holder Kit365 Days Pen Not Included
3D Print Kit365 Days Filaments and Tattoo Paper Not Included
Laser Engraving kit180 DaysNon-Continuous Use, Kraft Paper Not Included
Wi-Fi module365 Days
Bluetooth module365 Days
Joy Sticker Kit180 Days
EnclosureGift, Not Covered by Warranty
Power Adapter/Power Cable/USB Cable365 Days