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PC Drivers & Software

USB Serial Drivers

3D Printing Slicing Software


Slicer Software for Laser Engraving and CNC Carving

Mainboard Firmware

for MOOZ 1/2/FULL

Touchpad Firmware

for MOOZ 1/2/FULL/3

Mainboard Firmware

Mobile APP for Android

for MOOZ 1/2/FULL/3

The main updates are:

1. Improved the stability of file transferring.
2. Compatible with more Android mobiles.

Note: Only machine with WiFi feature are supported.

User Instruction Manual

MOOZ 1/2/FULL with WiFi Version

MOOZ-3 with WiFi Version

MOOZ 1/2/FULL No WiFi Feature

Gcode Test Files

3D Printing Test Files

for MOOZ 1/2/FULL

Laser Engraving Test Files

for MOOZ 1/2/FULL

CNC Carving Test Files


3D Printing Test Files

for MOOZ 3

Tutorials for Supported Third Party Softwares

How to Use Slicing Software Cura

Cura is an open source 3D printer slicing application provide by Ultimaker. In the video we generally described commonly used settings and how to create Gcode file supported by MOOZ.


How to Use ArtCAM to Do Vector Carving and Relif Carving

ArtCAM is a unique software which enables you to create impressive, high-quality three-dimensional products starting out as two-dimensional bitmap or vector based artwork. The video introduced how to used ArtCam to create Vector Carving and Relif Carving Gcode files supported by MOOZ.